Steel Erection Safety Measures

Steel erection is one of the most challenging processes in the construction industry. It requires a great deal of effort, time and careful supervision. It involves lifting and transport large and heavy structures which can often be risky for workers who handle it. Therefore, it is important to be attentive to the following safety measures at all times.

Safety wear

This is one of the basic aspects to consider when engaging in the process of steel erection. It is vital that all workers are made aware of the importance of safety wear and it is the responsibility of each employee to follow this rule. Some of the basic safety gears that must be worn by workers include safety glasses, a hard hat, safety jacket, rubber gloves and boots. Such safety gear will keep you protected from even the minor accidents that may occur.

Choose the right employees

As steel erection is a complicated process, it is important that the right employees who have the right type of skills are chosen. Workers who have an adequate amount of experience in this task needs to be recruited in order to make the process fast and simple. However, these employees need to be provided with an ample of amount of training and supervision. If your company is new and is yet in need for such employees, you can always consult professionals in your area such as construction Griffith services to make your job effective.

Safety around heavy machine

Heavy machines such as cranes and forklifts are a must during steel erection. As this process involves moving and carrying heavy structural components, it is important to be careful when boarding them on to a vehicle. However, professionals such as transport Griffith services are specialized in handling such structures in a safety and an effective manner. Therefore, you can always consider consulting them during this process.

Climbing and falls

One of the most common accidents reported during steel erection processes are due to slips during climbing the ladder or stairs. Of the basic things to keep in mind is to use reliable tools including ladders that are not only stable, but are also clean and dry. Make sure not to use metal ladders during raining days, especially when it’s thundering and lightening.