Pre-Construction Check List For Improved Efficiency

Everyone knows that it is important to start a project with a check list of things to do. That way you will not forget anything. It improves efficiency. If you are in charge of a building under construction, then you would have a million little things to go after and be worried about. Here is a check list of things you need to take care of in order to keep to schedule and be efficient about achieving your deadlines.

All the Paperwork

Construction can become a pain with all the bureaucratic red tape involved in getting permission from various institutions and organizations. This is especially true of commercial buildings. You will need a building permit to let you start construction; something from the Environmental Agency certifying that you are not damaging the environment overtly; a safety audit to make sure that construction takes place safely and many other documents, licenses and papers. Start filing these as early as possible since in many countries, it takes a long time to get through to the correct officials. If you have all the relevant licenses before beginning construction for workplace safety auditors (or at least the most crucial ones) then you don’t have to worry about getting shut down in the middle.

Keep Everyone Safe

This is something that should be of paramount importance before, during and even after construction because the site can be a dangerous place. Look for reputable OHS in Melbourne that you can hire at different stages of construction to come in and tell you whether there is anything more you should do to keep your workers safe. Hard hats should be worn at all times, naturally, but there are other regulations that change according to what you are building. For instance, buildings that have more than a few storeys need safety netting draped around it to ensure that in case of a fall, the fall will be broken and there will be less injury to the unfortunate individual. Site managers who want to cut corners usually start with this and that puts everyone in trouble. Whatever budgeting you decide to do, do not take a chance with human lives.

6 Month Plan

Construction is a tricky business. Things change very quickly and turnover is very high too Given its volatile nature, it is better if you have a plan in advance for all the various elements that need to be in place. For instance, if you need plans, licenses, cement, sand, lime, bricks, workers, a manager etc. in order to start building a house, then you should make sure you have access to all of the above for the first 6 months without interruptions. Most construction projects get derailed and delayed because one or more of the essential materials got held up and could not make it on to the site on time or because too many workers quit. So have your first 6 months ready to go and negotiate your way on from there.