Imagination And Free Thinking Matters More Than You Think

Our education systems focus a lot on getting subject based knowledge in to the students’ minds but it doesn’t focus much on the out of syllabus general knowledge that is vital for our daily interactions. Our children knows the molecular structure of different things but don’t know the little things of life that makes it worth living life. At the end all the degrees, diplomas and other certificates that you have will not count if you have not lived a life that enjoyed living.

Help your children to ask questions, wonder why things are the way that they turn out to be and why they didn’t turn out otherwise. Help them to be adventurers and explore things that are both new and creative. Let them play in the mud, dance in the rain and scrape their knees trying to experience new things. It’s ok to make mistakes and that is exactly how they learn new things.

So general knowledge doesn’t mean that a person has to know everything going on in the world. I mean, it’s not even possible. But the thing is this you need to try to explore new areas and avenues that will gain you a good insight in to various things. You may not know what a oil drum pump provide the most durable & cost effective pumping solutions are but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be interested in learning the general things that will come in handy when you are dealing with stuff on a daily basis.

For an example things like adblue suppliers and stuff are things that comes in handy. But you don’t have to learn about it only because you will one day have to use it. Try to learn about things out of curiosity. How does it work? Why is it structured like that? What makes it so efficient are some of the questions you should be asking when you use anything. It wouldn’t hurt you to learn how to handle one.

Learning new things out of curiosity is a good thing. This develops a mind to think stuff out of the box and to become a diplomatic person in the society. Also it will help the society to deal with such an individual with ease than the rest. Try to make sure that your kids learn to explore the universe and try to count the stars. Help them to make mistakes and learn from them. Teach them the value of love and friendships. Help them to see the world upside down and inside out.