Fire Protection And Testing

One of the most important tasks for an employer is to ensure that the fire system and the lift system of a building is functioning as required. Fire protection and testing are a service where the inspection and maintenance of fire safety equipment such as the hose reels and the fire extinguisher are done on a regular basis. Most employers outsource this task, but it is best that they as the employer have some knowledge and understanding on what is being done as they are answerable in the case of any misfortune.

When the fire protection system is first installed, there are a couple of tests commonly referred to as acceptance testing and integrated system testing. The acceptance testing is a testing that is associated with the installment standard presented by the system being installed. It is where the component is checked to see if it properly installed and works to the required standards set down by the government or the respective bodies.  There are data cable installation centers that also specialize in fire protection systems and testing. By outsourcing the testing and tagging of both the electrical and fire system to the same company you can also get the job done for a lower cost.

These tests can take a long time depending on the equipment being tested. When it comes to sprinklers for example, there are a multitude of tests that need to be conducted on them. When it comes to something more complicated like a wet pipe system, it requires a test that lasts up to two hours where it is filled with water and the water is then pressurized to a high value. It is important that the stakeholders and people of authority are kept up to date with how the testing is going and the final results and evaluation. If you live in a residential area, there are also 24 hours residential electrical maintenance places that do fire protection system testing.

It is usually recommended that you do testing on the fire protection system every once in twelve months to stay on the safe side. The integrated system testing is done when you are installing new equipment and it needs to work in harmony with the rest of the equipment and the existing system. Having a faulty fire system can put you in hot water if any issues come up and it is brought to light that you do not have an adequate fire protection system as having a working and functional fire protection system is a requirement put down by the government or related bodies and is a law that you need to implement.