Evolution Of Electricity And Its Usage


Electricity is one of the biggest revolutions in the history of mankind. It is generated from the word electron. After the 19th century usage of electricity has started and people understood the uses of electricity. Electricity can be made of various sources like coal, water, and solar power. Before the evolution of electricity, people used oil lamps for generation of light and cooking. Once the electricity is discovered it took a lot of time for reaching common people. For generating electricity for the whole city or place required source need to be decided the water levels are high near to the place then hydroelectric power station can be constructed or if the coal resources are available then the thermal power station can be used for the production of electricity.

Electricity is used in various household things like lamps, fridge, microwave oven and washing machine etc. For using electricity in any home or commercial place an electricity connection has to be applied to the government electricity department and once approved the connectivity will be provided to the place. Based on the usage of the electricity charges will be laid and they need to be paid on the monthly basis. Different types of lights are discovered in later generations and are used in many places. Today there won’t be any place where lamps are not used. Even hospitals need high technology lights like surgical lights for surgeries and other medical operations. If any breakage of electricity happens for a long time then all the important facilities like hospitals, railways, and other companies face problems.With the increasing population, the usage of electricity has gradually increased and nowadays it has become very difficult for the governments in various countries to provide electricity to all its citizens. Hence, many initiatives are being conducted globally to reduce the usage of electricity and to other alternative resources like solar power are used. Earth hour is conducted globally to stop the usage of the electricity for one hour throughout the world which saves a lot of electricity. Instead of using normal electric bulbs usage of LEDS is recommended nowadays as they consume less electricity when compared to the other bulbs.

In places like commercial complexes high voltage lights are used generally and these lights are replaced with LEDS with high capacity to reduce the usage. Hospitals use surgical lights Australia which are needed for better examinations during medical operations and these lights need high visibility and extra power backup so that if any problem in electricity arises then the operation should not be disturbed in between. The current generation cannot imagine a single day without electricity and if a proper car is not taken now there is a high risk that our next generations may not have enough resources which are used in the generation of electricity.