Different Types Of Doors To Consider For Your House

The market for doors is huge and so is the product range. There are many types of doors that exist to satisfy all needs of the houses. It all begins with what type of room it will be in for example if it will be the bathroom or an outside door. Next will be the type of material that you want to have for that door and then comes the design of the door. Here are the different types of doors in terms of materials used.
Let us start with the most widely used type of door, wood or timber doors. It is the most commonly used because of the fact that it is easier to design. Design means the size and shape and the design you want on it. It’s easiest for carpenters. The selection of this particular door will be based on the budget and how long the owner of the house wants the door to last. This type of doors most suitable for outdoor doors as it gives an elegant look to the house from the outside.
Aluminum is a type of door that is also used by houses. The main advantage of this door is that it is mostly light weight. Other advantages include resistance to difficult conditions and will not decay when exposed to termites. Thus, they are long lasting. It is normally designed as a normal door or slide. The slide has the door rest on powder coated aluminum tube.
There are aluminum profile for sliding door as well. The doors can be used as both interior and exterior doors.
Glass doors – Glasses are normally used as just a panel to view the outdoors from the inside but it can also act as a door. These doors are most used behind the house to have a view of the garden and semi-transparent glasses are sometimes used for bathrooms. The glass door is made with glass in the middle with wooden or metal border keeping the glass in place.
PVC has stretched its manufacturing capabilities from tanks and pipes to now being able to make doors. It comes in different designs and colors. Advantage of using this type of door is that it is termite proof, doesn’t weigh a lot, moisture free, etc. However it is not suitable for the outdoors as it is not sunlight proof and the harsh environment cannot be resisted by PVC. They are quite economical. There are many more different types of doors that you can consider for your house. Ask a local builder as what door suits particular rooms.