An Alternate Front Door For You

The front door to any house is usually the door where the most amount of money is splurged. You want it to stand out at first sight – to attract people’s eyes as soon as they set their sights on it and create a good overall impression. But well, besides all this, the front door should probably be focusing on one more important point – that of security.

Yes, as the main entrance to your home, your front door should be able to fend any attempts at burglary and theft: even if you think that a thief won’t be as foolish as to boldly enter through the front door, the truth is that a lot of thefts have been done exactly by entering through the front door. Therefore, remember to also keep the security of the front door as one of your main priorities when picking a front door.

If you were to capitalize only on the point of security, then sliding patio doors are probably a good idea for you. As their name suggests, these doors are explicitly meant for security reasons, and as such, are much more robust and hard to break than your average regular door. They are also great at withstanding harsh weather such as storms and typhoons, so theft is not really the only reason why these doors are sought after. There are two main types of these doors:

  • Those which resemble wrought iron and have a tempered glass panel in the back – the openwork steel doors.
  • Those which do not seem any different from regular doors, but actually have steel and reinforced side fixings within them.

Just like installing security doors, these types of doors are however not solely limited to the outside – they are also used indoors. This is mostly seen when certain rooms such as private offices and the like need a separate and better security option due to the question of confidentiality and privacy. They are also used as doors for cellars, vaults and basements – in this case, the openwork steel door is the popular choice.

And if the prospect of having a front door built for the sole purpose of security is not enough to soothe your senses, then there are further upgrades you can do to your door to further enhance the security of your home. Among the things you can do are the installation of alarms, deadbolts and key chains for example – hinge screws are usually pre-installed however. You can also go for a digital security system together with the door: smart security and keyless locks are becoming quite the popular method to enhance home security nowadays.